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Students Fighting Hunger

Our Fifth Grade Student Council has taken seriously as student leaders their responsibility to do what they are able to make a positive difference for others, focusing their efforts on planning a school-wide Campaign Against Hunger. They shared the letter below with our faculty. 

Dear Teachers,

Do you remember our commercial? If not, take a look again at this link:

We now want to build awareness in the school. Please think of ways to help. Get your students excited about donating food and tzedakah money to purchase food. You can work on a cheer. You can talk about how important it is to help the hungry. Maybe there are current events articles you can read with your class. You might ask students to write reminders to themselves in their homework planner to bring in food and tzedakah money. As a class you can do some research in the computer lab about the problems of hunger in our country and in our world. Find ways as you can to make participating in our campaign against hunger fun.

We will soon be designing and giving you pictures of baskets and small tokens. Each time a student brings food to donate you can glue or draw a token to put in the box. You can also add a token to your basket for every dollar your class raises. We’ll have a picture of a big basket in the front hall showing how much our whole school has contributed together.

Keep track now of what you are collecting until we get the baskets. When your class messenger comes down with attendance, you’ll also send the tallies of what was brought in.

Use your own creativity and imagination and help us figure out how to get the whole school involved. We are really relying on you to help.


Fifth Grade Student Council

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