Because Counting Our Blessings Just Isn't Enough

Our Countdown




Our countdown to the first day of school is here, at least for those of us in districts and regions that have not already started the 2012-2013 school year.

 For many of us, our countdown includes additional counting. We count with numbered lists: “to do”, ideas, activities, lessons, tools, tips, and general wisdom lists.

Some of my favorite bloggers have chosen to share their lists. With gratitude to them, I’ve collated a new countdown; not a countdown to the first day of school, but a countdown for the first days of school and for the upcoming year.

10 Ideas For Transforming Your Teaching This School Year By Shelly Terrell

9 Tips For Collaboration Starting The School Year From Edutopia

8 First Day Of School Activities From Powerful Learning Practice

7Mobile Apps Students Can Use To Never Loose Handwritten Notes Again From Free Tech For Teachers

6 Ways Principals Can Connect With Students By George Couros

5 Edmodo Activities For The First Day Of School From The Edmodo Blog

4 Favorite Edtech Tools To Inspire Your Lessons From Educatorstudio

3 Tools Every Virtual Learning Environment Needs From Focus On Edtech K-12

2 Things Everyone Wants From Brett Clark

1 Most Important Thing I Learned In School From Educational Leadership

Please don’t hesitate to share some of your favorite lists for the upcoming year. Our countdown is on!

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